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Professional Service

GIS Analysis & Map Production

GIS, analysis,mapping

We provide professional GIS consultancy service, process data from different sources to map your need, to analysis your business geographically.

MobileGIS Apps

Mobile GIS, IOS, Android

Geosys can help you build your mobile GIS application for departmental workflow and projects. Using different mobile technologies to fit your projects needs and budget.

WebGIS Development


Geosys has professional service team to help you build your customized GIS on web browsers in different ways. We have qualified developers can help you build your enterprise GIS with open source webGIS technologies and commercial GIS products.

Remote Sensing Processing

remote sensing, mapping

Geosys can provide professional remote sensing image processing, analysis services to help you feel the magic of remote sensing technologies.

BIM&Indoor Navigation

Web, Mobile, Social Media

Geosys provide consultancy and professional services for create building information model. We provide integrated solutions for building information with Indoor Navigation

Photogrammetry & Orthophoto Production

Helping You to Grow Intelligently

Geosys has professional processing technology to process ortho photos from Aerial Image, Satellite Image, Oblique Image and UAV images, to get ortho rectified photos, LiDAR points and mosaic images and terrain products.