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Pix4Dmapper Official Release 2.0


Please download the wizard below or contact us directly HERE for testing.

Pix4Dmapper 2.0 Installation file

Pix4Dmapper 2.0 introduces sharper DSMs and Orthomosaics, a faster, redesigned Mosaic Editor with real-time local updates, video input compatibility with automatic still-frame extraction, and much moreai??i?? Discover all Pix4Dmapper features in detail in our complete
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Feature List:

Download Feature List

What is new
  • Improved DSM and Orthomosaic New DSM generation method (Inverse Distance Weighting) which improves the orthomosaic quality. The effect is mostly visible on building edges which appear sharper.
    DSM and orthomosaic generated with version 1.4 (left) and 2.0 (right)
  • Redesigned Mosaic Editor The redesigned Mosaic Editor allows the editing of mosaics generated at step 3. Edit regions of the mosaic and visualize the changes directly in theMosaic Editor before saving them. For more information on how to use the Mosaic Editor: 202558709.
  • Generate an orthomosaic from any plane Define an orthoplane in the rayCloud and use it to generate an orthomosaic. This allows the generation of orthomosaics for building facades, bridge piles, etc.. Define surfaces on facades and use them to generate the DSM. This allows more accurate flattening of the point cloud and generation of orthomosaics for flat surfaces. For more information on how to generate a orthomosaic from any plane: 202559889.
  • Scale and orient the 3D model Define the scale and orientation of the 3D reconstruction by creating scale and orientation constraints in the rayCloud. This is useful for projects with unprecise or no image geolocation and when no GCPs are used. For more information on how to scale a project: 205360375. For more information on how to orient a project: 205360385.
  • Processing Options Templates Processing options templates can be used to initialize processing options according to the type of images to be processed and which outputs are desired. Use predefined templates or create new templates. For more information on existing templates: 205319155.
  • Processing options window new layout A new layout for the processing options makes it easier to find the different options for step 1, 2 and 3. Advanced options are displayable
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    only on demand for advanced users.

  • Create 3D models and maps from video files Create a new project using a video file and generate 3D models out of it. For more information: 205294735.
  • More robust initial processing Increase the targeted number of extracted keypoints to reconstruct datasets with low image content or low overlap (e.g. fields). Decrease the targeted number of extracted keypoints to speed up processing for projects with very high overlap or for very large images with a lot of image content. For more information: 205327965.
  • Initial processing calibration method based on accurate image geolocation and orientation This new processing method allows the processing of datasets with very accurate image position and orientation. It uses the image geolocation and orientation to optimize the internal camera parameters. Processing is therefore faster. For more information: 205327965.
  • Download projects from the Pix4D Cloud account Download projects from your Pix4D Cloud account to process them on your computer. For more information on how to download a project: 205751415.
  • Redesigned command line In order to change the processing options in the command line a processing options template file has to be used. No other command line option allows the changing of processing options. For more information: 202560329.


  • Concepts and names
    • The Aerial, Alternative, Oblique Processing Type has been replaced by the processing options templates used to initialize the processing options.
    • The Full and Rapid processing modes have been removed. They have been replaced by the processing options templates, where for each template a Rapid/Low Res template exists, which provides fast low resolution results.
  • User interface Various improvements in the user interface such as:
    • New icons for part of the software.
    • Text section in the toolbar.
    • Integrated tutorials.
  • Installer and updates
    • Display the new version number in the automatic update window.
    • Display the version number in the installer wizard on the first page.
  • New project creation
    • Improved new project creation workflow. The user can more easily select the accuracy of the image geolocation and can already set the output coordinate system (205294205). He can choose a processing options template to initialize the processing options according to the type of dataset to process and the desired type of output (204619819).
  • GCP/Manual Tie Point
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    • Import/export GCP/MTP image marks from 2 new formats: Pix4D marks file (.csv) and XML Structure (.xml). For more information: 202558369.
  • Coordinate systems
    • Additional support for vertical coordinate systems (202558239):
      • Allow conversion between MSL and WGS84 ellipsoid
      • Do not convert altitude
    • Improved user interface that displays either general or advanced options to select the coordinate system.
    • Automatically detect coordinate system when possible.
  • Quality Report
    • Display time spent for processing for step 1 (without report generation), step 2, and step 3.
    • Display all processing options used.
  • Outputs
    • Export the image position of all the automatic tie points to a .txt file.
    • Save undistorted images for fisheye cameras.
    • Export the 3D Texture Mesh as FBX or AutoCAD DXF.
  • rayCloud
    • More navigation modes available to navigate in the 3D model. Choose between standard, trackball and first person navigation. For more information: 205360675.
    • Display initial image and GCP position in output coordinate system in the right sidebar.
    • Display Check Points in orange to distinguish from GCPs.
  • Index Calculator
    • Import/export region boundaries from shapefile. For more information: 203937289.
    • Define a prescription for all Regions of a given Class at once. For more information: 203937289.
    • More color maps available for the index classes.
    • Export Colored Index Map as KML and PNG.
  • Command line
    • The Quality Report is now generated as a .pdf when processing using the command line.
    • Login/logout from the software using the command line.


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