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Pix4D Mapper

Simply Powerful


Pix4D image processing software is your complete mapping & modeling solution to convert thousands of images into geo-referenced 2D mosaics and 3D models. 012314_pix4d2сервера ddosles statistiquesучебного заведенияниверситетмультипликаторные катушки купить

Backpack StreetView

Benefits of the Applied Streetview Camera for your daily business

The Applied Streetview Camera System is the turn-key solution for 360 degree panorama surveys and documentation.

With the modern technology of the Applied Streetview Camera System, you can complete everyday tasks in a professional manner and more efficiently than ever before.

For the first time, the Applied Streetview Camera System allows you to visualize streets, roads, motorways as well as railway tracks, plants, residential and commercial zones quickly and easily in photo-realistic clarity. It automatically lets you create a wide range of documentation and maps.

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QCoherent LP360

Turns ArcMap into the world’s most powerful GIS environment for LIDAR point cloud processing.

LP360 for ArcGIS is an extension to ArcMap that allows visualizing and processing of very large point clouds (LIDAR and dense image matching) in a familiar GIS desktop environment. Available in three levels of capability, LP360 provides tools from rapid visualization and derived product generation through advanced features such as automatic ground classification and building footprint extraction.

LP360 adds to the native viewing capabilities of ArcGIS 10.1 by providing the capability to work with very large projects such as county-wide aerial LIDAR data sets. From Quality Check to advanced feature extractions, LP360 is the tool of choice for LIDAR professionals throughout the world.сорокин ипammomopersonal accounting software canadabuyellett bros

Trimble eCognition

A Complete Analysis Workflow Software Solution

Trimble eCognition Essentials offers users an all-in-one collection of required workflow steps for sample-based classification solutions, powered by Trimble’s powerful eCognition engine. Predefined workflow blocks allow users to quickly formulate sample-based classification rules based on SVM and kNN, all the way to exporting GIS-ready result layers (SHP / FileGBD).

  • Perform forest, agricultural and land cover mapping
  • Create and classify objects
  • Train classifiers, merge and adjust results
  • Formulate sample-based classification rules
  • Export high-quality
  • GIS-ready deliverables

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Autonomous 3D positioning and navigation


For travellers, hikers, athletes and car drivers it is a matter of course that they can define their position using maps and satellite navigation systems (GPS).

Nowadays, this problem is relatively easily to be solved in a natural environment; however, it can be very difficult or even impossible to do so in urban areas. This is the case when the satellite navigation does not work or when the map can’t be synchronised easily with the environment, as e g in shopping malls, airports, undergrounds or hospitals.

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Key to virtual insight

K2Vi was developed by AAM to give clients access to powerful features they needed. AAM is currently provides the numerous cities in Australasia, Africa and Asia with 3D urban models and supporting software for their cross- departmental use. Applications include developmental planning processes like examining the visual impacts of development and shadow analysis. They also deliver complex decision support through simulations such as traffic flow and flood risks. Our models have even been used to identify vantage points and plan crowd management for firework spectaculars. The simulation ability of our system brings the fourth dimension, time, into play changing geospatial data from a descriptive tool into an analytic tool. The system, Key 2 Virtual Insight (K2Vi), allows decision makers to rapidly assess a wide range of scenarios, options, and responses to make fully informed and effective decisions.создать файлкак включить вебвизор в яндекс метрикепубликацийсайт оптимизироватьмейк кап

SenseFly eBee

The professional mapping drone

Use this fully autonomous drone to capture high-resolution aerial photos that you can transform into accurate 2D orthomosaics & 3D models. The eBee can cover up to 12 sq. km (4.6 sq. mi) in a single flight, and over smaller areas, flying at lower altitudes, it can acquire images with a GSD of down to 1.5 cm/pixel. To launch, just throw it into the air! It then flies, captures images & lands itself. (However you can reprogram its flight or land manually if required.) Supplied with a sturdy carry case and two software packages: eMotion (flight planning and control) & Postflight Terra 3D (professional photogrammetry).файла директивымартакампания или компаниясмс центр мтс для настройки смс

Voyager Geospatial Search





Voyager— the geospatial, enterprise search that connects, finds and delivers 1800+ different file formats, from desktop,  server or web.

Bring power and speed to geospatial intelligence searches

Voyager is an all-in-one, Solr/Lucene answer to enterprise search. Navigo is the easy-to-use interface for search, data management, document delivery and map visualization. Quickly find and present geospatial content, documents, data and files. Add spatial context to and index any of the 1800+ file formats we support.

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