Geosys VR3D data management system

               support the visualisation of 3D GIS and BIM data in one integrated viewer

               for users with 2D and 3D measurement and analysis functions. Web based 3D

                   Measurement tools such as distance, path, angel, height, volume, section are provided.

GIS+BIM Platform

View Your 3D GIS and BIM data in VR3D

Photo Management

A centralized platform to manage site inspection and aerial photos with tag, time and location search functions

Deformation Management

A single portal to manage and visualize business big data from IoT and monitoring devices geographically with alerts and reports.



Planning & Design

Analyze geographic information to

extract insights for cost surveillance,

project governance, as well as citizen

satisfaction and engagement.




Provide digital infrastructure asset

management for optimizing the full

life cycle of physical assets by

standardizing asset related processes.


Photo Management System

Deformation Management System

VR3D can help you to connect multiple senors and their data in

 one central place by means of APIs. It allows you to monitor the

       conditions of site environment to identify security issues and unsafe

or undesirable situations in centralized dashboard.

Planning & Design

Distance & Area Measurement

          If you simply plot on any 2 points in 3D city model at VR3D, you can get the distance and then measure as

          distance between points. You can also select a series of points to define the perimeter of the area you want

to calculate.


Data Visualization & Analysis

                  With integration of GIS & BIM,VR3D can perform geospatial analysis, 3D modeling and dynamic simulation

                 and help you figure out optimized plans. You can also visualize the geographic information into different types

of graphs and charts to find actionable insights.



In the past, BIM models can only be managed with designated BIM software.

Now you can view and edit them on VR3D, a cloud-based website. Those models become accessible

anytime, anywhere via any PC or tablet with an Internet connection.

图片 6

Sectional View of the BIM Model

Section view cut through the model and provide views of specific parts of

your models. Each type has a unique graphical display, and each is listed

in a different layers in VR3D. The section view changes when the design

changes or the section line is moved.







View BIM Models by Layers

            There is no decrease in level of detail (LOD) of BIM objects containing

              geometry and asset data after publishing on VR3D.By maintaining LOD

           of the models accurate size, shape, location, quantity and orientation

                   of 3D objects can be kept. And you can view the model by layers.





4D Player

 Based on  the relevant data from BIM models, VR3D can simulate the

  future progress of construction site. BIM-based simulation can perfectly

 relate to  actual works progress that was originally envisioned.Working

   with this simulation helps to evaluate the delays and make all necessary

  changes.You can adjust the opacity of the model to compare with the

current or past situation.