NAVVIS M6 indoor mobile mapping

Fast, all-in-one mobile scanning captures 360° immersive imagery and point clouds without compromising data quality



You don’t need any tools to assemble the M6. Just take the parts out of the case and snap it into place. A single operator can put it together and take it apart, which makes it easier to transport. During mappings, adjust the height or flip the wheels inside if your hallways get narrower or your ceilings get lower.



The M6 features a powerful yet easy-to use interface that simplifies scanning. Just press record to get started and the data is automatically captured as the operator pushes M6 through an indoor environment. Real-time feedback on the screen lets operators keep track of areas already scanned.




The algorithms powering our device were developed with a focus on providing survey-grade point clouds even while you move. Take accuracy to the next level by including “SLAM anchor” surveying markers. “SLAM anchors” are ground control points compatible with NavVis technology that will increase accuracy and automate geo-referencing during data processing.

Know more about Navvis M6

360° Images

6 high resolution camaras

image size: 6 × 16 megapixel  optimized for high dynamic range and low-light

Point Cloud

3 single layer laser scanners

1 multi-layer laser scanner

Photorealistic point clouds: up to 5mm resolution

Point cloud formats: LAS, PLY, PTS, XYZ, E57


Autogenerated 2D maps

Create CAD floorplans and BIM model with point cloud data

Publish floorplans (dxf) in IndoorViewer

Infrastructure Data

Navigation graph

Bluetooth data

Wifi signals

Earth magnetic field data