The NavVis VLX is an exciting solution for Architects and Engineers working on a large-scale project. With its intuitive and user-friendly functionality and its wireless operation allows users to work faster and smarter while achieving higher quality scanning results. The user can see the results in real-time on any mobile devices which have already been scanned and find out where they still need to capture data.

With the wearable solution, the user can capture complex areas up to 10 times faster than with conventional static scans while still attaining survey-grade accuracies. The NavVis Indoor Viewer processes the data from the NavVis VLX into a Google street view like web-based deliverable, without a need to install any software or upgrade PC performance capabilities. The scan results can also be imported into any 3D CAD software to generate 2D floor plans or Digital-twin, optimizing the Scan-to-BIM workflow.

NAVVIS VLX Highlights

Dual LiDAR

Two multi-layer LiDAR sensors capture 3D

measurements and enable industry-leading

SLAM software in a combination that delivers

survey-grade point cloud quality.

Complete 360° capture

Once carrying the backpack with the sensors well-protected,

you can navigate into any space with its real-time interface

and map in view.


The compact design folds up into one case enabling

single operator set up and transport.


Built-in interface

The touchscreen interface displays live feedback of

what is being scanned and the data quality, and is built

into the device to allow hands-free scanning.


A new design for wearable mapping hardware that is

strategically positioned at the front to enable targeted

scanning as well as viewing of the built-in screen.

Ground Control Points

Align point clouds with control points on wall and ground for quality assurance.

  • Ground and wall targets
  • Simply touch the target and trigger
  • Control data quality, align datasets, and eliminate drift on long scans

Survey - grade point clouds

NavVis system software features state-of-the-art SLAM technology that delivers survey-grade point cloud quality. Learn more about what sets NavVis system software apart or download NavVis VLX sample data to experience the difference.

Industry applications


Fast capture for scan-to-BIM workflows with the only mobile point cloud quality suitable for modeling. All-in-one reality capture enables virtual as-built verification using NavVis IndoorViewer.

CAD Floorplans

Improve efficiency in CAD floorplan workflows. Our devices quickly capture detailed point clouds of large, complex environments that can be used for CAD drawing.