Our Solution

 Indoor Mapping and Navigation

To map the indoor environment in 3D, we adopted a more innovative and efficient method for data retrieval combing mobile laser scanner,  stationary laser scanner and total station. The detailed and efficiently made 3D map enable navigation and positioning in a more appealing virtual environment.

Indoor Mapping - Data Acquisition

 Mobile Laser Scanning

 Stationary Laser Scanner

 Total Station

  • Innovative Integrated Approach

  • Efficient and Practical Data Acquisition Workflow

  • Valuable Highly Detailed Results 

Indoor Mapping and Navigation - Deliverable Features


Positioning and Navigation: By in-browser web app/mobile app, see your position on the map and navigate to your desired location; Follow the step-by-step directions on a virtual path.


Detailed, realistic 3D representation: 360 degree immersive images and photorealistic point clouds create highly detailed digital factories that you can walkthrough virtually from anywhere.


Intuitive, powerful functions in brower-based platform: Add, edit, search and share comments and geo-tagged information with the point of interest function. Take accurate measurements and plan your indoor routes. Digital footplans can also be accessed.

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