Our Solution

Building Inspection with UAV & AI

Our UAV Team provides building inspection service for external wall and facade of buildings with high-resolution images captured by our UAV. With our ready-to-use AI engine, defects of building externals can be identified more efficiently and conveniently from the UAV images.

UAV Photogrammetry for Building Inspection

UAV Flight Service for Building Inspection

  • Capture drone image onsite by certified pilot for building surveying service
  • Collect detailed images with 20X ZOOM camera on UAV for detail conditions of each flat
  • Collect wide angle images of the building to create measurable models of the building façade.

UAV Photogrammetry

  • Create measurable 3D reality model from drone images captured onsite
  • Create orthophoto from drone images captured onsite

AI Analytics for UAV Building Inspection

  • Supervised classification on captured drone image for identifying building external wall defects
  • Provide report of building inspection results by AI Analytics

Defect Visualization on Web MR Platform

  • Categorize and Record Detected Defects on Web-based Platform
  • Overlay Photorealistic Models with different kinds of 2D/3D Data for Visualization
  • Consolidate UAV Photos for Filtering and Querying